A long time

It’s been a long time it feels like since I last blogged.. Gonna try and get into it again.
With the new medications I feel much better. I can stay up an entire day now without pain which is amazing. And yesterday I slept through an entire night!!!! I haven’t done that for months if not years. I woke up 7:00 AM and was like o_o that was really my face.

My only problem now is that I have problems focusing on something for a longer period of time. It’s a side effect of a medicine but it’s really bothering me and causing problems when I really want to do something.

I love writing. When I was in school I got a scholarship for a short story I wrote together with a huge amount of money. Since then I’ve been writing a story of mine but it feels like I can’t continue it with my focus at the moment.

Yesterday I exercised for the first time in years! I have that feeling now when you’ve exercised and you feel it in your body. I’ve missed that feeling. If I feel good today again I will do it again. I need to build up my body.

I’m finally becoming healthy I’ve never been so happy


Yesterday I got my diagnosis. I have epilepsy which is a neurological disorder they think I’ve had it for a long time. I don’t feel like writing right now. I just want to relax in bed with my 3DS and play Shin megami tensei IV. It feels strange to finally know what is wrong with me.

Rising dawn

Dawn finally rose and the suns rays shun through my window. I’ve been waiting for this, I generally don’t get up before 5 as it doesn’t feel prudent to do so. I’ve had a rough night filled with panic attacks and nightmares, on top of that it was freezing cold in my room past 2 AM. Radiators are not turned on after 1:30 AM to 7 AM. They are old style ones where you have to burn coal in order to have them working.

Today looks like a beautiful day with a blue sky. I haven’t seen the sun for days just rain and clouds. I dislike winter seasons because of all the dead flora. Everything is dead during winter..

I’ve been having a real bad week with a lot of pain,stress and headaches I hope it’ll get better soon I’m so tired of this. Hopefully Monday will give answers to why it’s getting worse.

Beginning a new year with stress

A new year has come but I can’t say I celebrated it too much.. my mind is occupied with the EMR results that is yet to come. They moved the schedule from Friday to Monday so three extra days of waiting. It’s killing me.
I try to keep myself occupied I’ve been reading a lot to be in a different universe, it helps thankfully. It helps relieve the stress of everything going on in life.

A song of ice and fire is what I started with, I’m always reluctant to picking up a series because I know that I’ll have to keep on reading and when I reach the end I’ll want more. I hate when books end it feels like I will never be with the hero/heroine again and live their adventures.

Daenerys is my favorite character in A song of ice and fire; she’s frail like a flower then blossoms into a strong woman. (And who doesn’t love dragons?) Her brother is very interesting too, Visery. That’s someone to dream about!

Any book suggestion would be nice, preferably with female heroines; doesn’t need to be fantasy as long as it has a emotional and detailed story.

When I read my post I can see why I love JRPG’s due to their immense story and how many hours they are. I don’t think I’ve played one that’s less than 120 hours!
In a not so far away future Shin megami tensei’s Persona 5 will be released I can’t wait for that. Actually this year is bringing a lot of good games; Bloodbourne, Persona, Witcher,  Final Fantasy, The order etc the list goes on!

Lastly I’m posting a picture of my beauty Akara
photo 5