Christmas is over

So finally the Christmas holiday is over. I believe Christmas has become far too commercial. Today, all it is about is this¬†buying frenzy.¬†It’s not about family or being together as whole. It’s all about material things now.
I can’t help to think of all the parents with multiple children who has to work overtime just to be able to buy that expensive toy for their children so that they won’t feel like they are worth less when their friends receive something super-expensive. The world isn’t about material things. It’s about people and relationships and that’s what I believe it should be celebrated as IF I celebrated it. I don’t. Being a watcher and seeing how it is, saddens me; the anger and rush to get everything done in time. Just the other day THREE people passed out while shopping because of the pressure of everyone wanting things.
Today I bring food to the people in need and donate clothes. That is sharing. There are people out there in a far worse position than yourself to just spare a little means a lot to them. What if your old clothes that’s just lying in the drawer could make a child warm for the night. What if all the leftovers from Christmas would be given out.
It doesn’t matter how old you are; a child or a grownup donate what you don’t need to the poor because it does make a difference to them. They will remember that person who gave them a warm blanket for the night. Or the gloves that keeps their hands warm.

I say; you get what you give.
Being in my own situation with the huge amount of pain a little kindness can go a long way. Remember that.