Sleepless nights and rainy days

Another sleepless night awaited me when I lay in my soft bed. I wasn’t surprised a lot of pain had befallen me during the day. Stress gives me more pain and at the moment I have a lot of it. I’m worried about the EMR results that will come Friday morning… The doctor talked about MS saying I have all the symptoms of it and with the relapsing pain.. I still have hope that it’s nothing so serious.
Some of the symptoms I have is Pain, shaking / tremors, unable to walk by myself, horrible memory, losing feeling in my legs and right hand, worsening eyesight just to name a few of them. I don’t feel like naming all as it just makes me sad to think of it all… Due to being sick for 8 years now I suffer from deep depression that’s hard to handle.. But I must keep hope up for myself.

As I look through the window I see the grey sky boding for a rainy day.. I wish I could go out but it’s not a good day for me. I’ve taken the painkiller 40 minutes ago i’m waiting for the full effect. I’m so tired…. I wish I could sleep.

People takes a lot of things for granted like being able to walk. How often do you appreciate the ability to walk? Do you ever think of it? Do you ever feel lucky…

Like Jigsaw so famously said; Cherish your life.