Rising dawn

Dawn finally rose and the suns rays shun through my window. I’ve been waiting for this, I generally don’t get up before 5 as it doesn’t feel prudent to do so. I’ve had a rough night filled with panic attacks and nightmares, on top of that it was freezing cold in my room past 2 AM. Radiators are not turned on after 1:30 AM to 7 AM. They are old style ones where you have to burn coal in order to have them working.

Today looks like a beautiful day with a blue sky. I haven’t seen the sun for days just rain and clouds. I dislike winter seasons because of all the dead flora. Everything is dead during winter..

I’ve been having a real bad week with a lot of pain,stress and headaches I hope it’ll get better soon I’m so tired of this. Hopefully Monday will give answers to why it’s getting worse.