A long time

It’s been a long time it feels like since I last blogged.. Gonna try and get into it again.
With the new medications I feel much better. I can stay up an entire day now without pain which is amazing. And yesterday I slept through an entire night!!!! I haven’t done that for months if not years. I woke up 7:00 AM and was like o_o that was really my face.

My only problem now is that I have problems focusing on something for a longer period of time. It’s a side effect of a medicine but it’s really bothering me and causing problems when I really want to do something.

I love writing. When I was in school I got a scholarship for a short story I wrote together with a huge amount of money. Since then I’ve been writing a story of mine but it feels like I can’t continue it with my focus at the moment.

Yesterday I exercised for the first time in years! I have that feeling now when you’ve exercised and you feel it in your body. I’ve missed that feeling. If I feel good today again I will do it again. I need to build up my body.

I’m finally becoming healthy I’ve never been so happy